What Virtual Assistant Could Offer as a Service?

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Virtual assistants are fundamental to small business owners. When you start your business, handling most of these tasks may sound like a good idea when you start your business, but at some point, you may need to delegate some activities and focus on the intricate part of your business. Virtual assistants offer various services, and if you are looking at starting as a virtual assistant, then I suggest you read on.

  1. Social media management

Most Virtual Assistants can manage your social media pages effectively. It can be time-consuming to handle it, so why not outsource it? A startup looking to build an online presence will hire a Virtual Assistant to manage their social media pages. The work depends on the business needs and the social media platform they are using. If you are offering this service, you can choose to handle a specific social media platform or generalize it and become a social media manager. Some of the tasks involved with social media management include:

  • They create a social content calendar. It includes sourcing for images, using the right hashtags, and designing each content and others.
  • Scheduling content. You can use apps that allow you to post the content at a specific time automatically.
  • Social media engagement involves liking, engaging with clients, and commenting to drive traffic to the social media platform. It also consists of locating the right target audience and following them.
  • Hashtag research is an essential component of social media management. It is necessary to research hashtags that are relevant to the business and build its visibility. It would be best if you created hashtags for each post.
  1. CRM maintenance

Customer relationship management systems can be challenging to handle if you do not know how to use them. If you have specific skills in this area, you can provide this service to clients who require them.

  1. Data entry

Data entry is a necessary service offered by many Virtual Assistants. It is a common task that is admin-focused.

  1. Bookkeeping

Every business requires the skill of a bookkeeper. It is one significant skill small business owners need. If you have the skill and experience as a bookkeeper, you can offer this kind of service.  This type of service requires trust between the clients and yourself, so you need to create a strong relationship with your clients to hire you. Bookkeeping is a valuable skill to have as a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Blog maintenance

Maintaining a blog can be a tedious task. Some bloggers hire the service of a virtual assistant to maintain their blogs. If you have this skill, you will perform tasks such as updating older posts, creating SEO-friendly content., responding to blog comments, updating plugin, analytics and reporting, and link maintenance.

  1. Website maintenance

Another service is web maintenance. It involves carrying out security checks, updates, backups, and whatever the client requires service.

  1. Email management

Email management is a task most entrepreneurs do not enjoy doing. Email management is not as fun as it sounds. An average worker spends at least four hours responding to their emails, and that’s why small business owners prefer to outsource this task. When it comes to email management, you will be in charge of organizing their inbox, creating email copy templates, flag an email to get their attention, amongst others. You will get access to their email account and organize their email, including their emails. The client may also set up an email address for you and direct customer-related emails to your account for you to manage. Either way, it saves the client much time.

  1. Travel arrangements

If your client is always traveling, you will be in charge of booking their flight, booking their hotels, transportation, and other necessities. Travel arrangement is a valuable skill to have as a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Ghost-writing

Ghost-writing involves writing a book or an article on behalf of the client. You must have the ability to adapt to their voice and write in their tone. Most clients have great ideas but little time, and that’s why they outsource this task. This particular service can be a bit difficult as some clients may reject your work. Don’t take it personally; instead, try to learn their voice by reading other content posted and following the same direction.

  1. Social media engagement

Creating a social media profile is one thing, but it’s another thing to engage with your followers. Social media engagement is essential for any business that intends to grow. By interacting with their followers, they can form a relationship with potential customers. Social Media Management can be created by replying to customer’s comments or liking a comment. As a virtual assistant, you will be in charge of engaging with the followers by replying to comments, responding to direct messages, and building a positive relationship with the customers. Social media engagement comes with the service you can offer with social media management or as a separate service.


  1. Blog writing

Blog writing is a great way to put your writing skills to work as a virtual assistant. Small business owners require articles or blog posts to keep their readers engaged. Sometimes, you may get credit for it, and other times, you may not. The client will also require you to come up with compelling headlines for the blog posts. They will need you to research a specific topic ad write about it. Blog writing is ideal for a virtual assistant with particular writing expertise in one specific

Virtual assistants are in demand now. It is becoming necessary for small business owners to hire virtual assistants. They are cheaper than hiring full-time employees, and they can work from any location. You do not have to get a physical office; neither do you need to purchase working tools. They are flexible and can work at any time you want and anywhere.







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